Facilities Management

Get the support of specialists with a proven track record

When you hire a facilities management team to manage your project, you expect them to finish on budget and on time. To do this you need a proven management team and technicians who are capable, and have handled challenging jobs before. At Morsco AEC, you get both. With over three decades of experience in project management, and for some of the biggest industry names - such as Gatorade, Quaker Oats, Sunny Delight, and Hershey’s - our project managers, technicians and engineers lead your projects with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

Morsco AEC Service Technicians consistently go above and beyond in their efforts to meet and exceed client needs. Unlike facility management consulting firms that work in the background, we become a very visible part of your team, and are actively involved helping you to be productive and profitable.

Our Team of technicians can work to supplement or to replace in-house maintenance employees. As a supplement to your existing staff, we bring a level of experience that is only achieved through a team approach. Small to mid-sized companies can rarely afford to employ all the necessary resources to meet their ever changing needs. But Morsco AEC makes hiring a qualified team of technicians possible for plants of all sizes. When employing Morsco AEC as a facilities management staff, you only pay for what you require. Best of all, if your equipment or building is in need of repair, we are just a phone call away.

To ensure your project runs smoothly, we assign a manager as your single point-of-contact. This simplifies the communication process between us and your team, and keeps your project moving forward.

Morsco AEC can provide project management for the following:

  • Space Related Projects
  • Operational Projects
  • Capital Projects
  • Relocations
  • Planning and Design

Morsco AEC also provides a variety of services across all facilities management functions. See how else we can improve you plant operations and save you money, by exploring our other service offerings below.

Operations & Maintenance

Whether we are simply supplying technical resources or managing your complete O&M program, we deliver results to commercial and industrial clients. Morsco AEC offers cost-effective operations and maintenance services that focus on enhancing the life-cycle and performance of your assets. These services are provided on a scalable cost basis by our technically trained and service oriented staff.

Emergency Mechanical Technicians

In the event of a machinery breakdown "emergency", we commit to having a Service Technician on their way to your facility within one day of our office receiving notification of your need. This emergency response is promised only to our customers that have entered into a facility management agreement with Morsco AEC, and most plants consider this commitment well worth the reduction in production downtime.

First Available

Not every situation warrants EMT response. If your plant has suffered equipment breakdown or building damage that requires prompt though not immediate response, we can usually have a technician on their way within 2-3 days of our office receiving notification of your situation. There is no additional cost for this service as it’s billed at our regular service technician rate.

Scheduled Programs

When you choose Morsco AEC for regular maintenance service, you save money. Maintenance programs for buildings or facilities are offered at reduced hourly rates. Should you wish to have General Maintenance issues addressed on an on-going basis, we will define the scope and schedule of such services and price them below our machine repair/service rates.

General Trades

In addition to the manufacturing solutions provided by our technicians and engineers, we also have a team of tradesmen ready to service the non-machinery aspects of your facilities. Our tradesmen can provide assistance with electrical, plumbing, painting, flooring, carpentry, and service to your windows and doors.

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