When you extend the life of your equipment, you save money

Your dies are both complex and expensive. And if your press begins to lose accuracy, your dies start to cause damage. It can be easy to ignore this problem at first, but if swept aside for too long, you’ll eventually be needing some very costly replacements. So doesn’t it make sense to solve the root problem? Doesn’t it make sense to install a press that is recognized for it’s accuracy and precision?

Morsco AEC’s Flexopress® exhibits unsurpassed repeatability that improves die life, which saves you money in the long run.

The Flexopress® high-precision stamping press sets unequaled standards for built-in absolute accuracy and repeatability. This ensures longer life expectancy for costly and complex press dies. With a unique zero-clearance ball or roller bearing ram guidance system that requires no lubrication clearance, standard on all models, the Flexopress® guarantees ram-to-bed travel of .0005" per foot or less, regardless of stroke length, and ram face-to-bed parallelism of .0005" per foot or less. The zero-clearance ball bearing ram guidance system also virtually eliminates heat buildup and thermal expansion.

Because the Flexopress® slide exhibits unsurpassed repeatability, the die need not find itself at the bottom of the stroke to compensate for the lubrication clearance in the ram. What’s more, when you purchase the Flexopress® you also get Morsco AEC’s decades of experience to support your new, cost-saving machinery.

Morsco AEC’s Flexopress service and support includes:

  • Over 25 years press re-build, repair and service experience.
  • More than 15 years experience of assembly, building, rebuilds and servicing the Flexopress® product line.
  • Retention of key staff of the Flexopress® product line including engineering, assembly, machining and parts.

To meet your specific requirements, our engineers also can design a custom Flexopress® to solve your unique manufacturing challenges. Virtually any configuration can be developed as your productivity is paramount to us.

For more information about how the Flexopress® will extend the life of die sets, please contact Morsco AEC directly.

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